The Danger Of Haste

Topic: The Danger Of Haste Text: 1 Samuel 14:18-46 Key Verse: “No!” the soldiers shouted. “God helped Jonathan win the battle for us. We won’t let you kill him. We swear to the Lord that we won’t let you kill him or even lay a hand on him!” So the army kept Saul from killingContinue reading “The Danger Of Haste”

Conquer Rejection

Topic: Conquer RejectionText: 1 Samuel 10: 24-27Key verse: But some worthless fools said, “How can someone like Saul rescue us from our enemies?” They did not want Saul to be their king, and so they didn’t bring him any gifts. But Saul kept calm. – 1 Samuel 10:27 CEV Rejection is one of the mostContinue reading “Conquer Rejection”

File Claims For Restoration

Topic: File Claims For RestorationText: 2 Kings 8: 1-6Key Verse: And when the king asked the woman, she told him. So the king appointed unto her a certain officer, saying, Restore all that was hers and all the fruits of the field since the day that she left the land, even until now. – 2Continue reading “File Claims For Restoration”

A Satisfied Soul

Topic: A Satisfied Soul Text: Jeremiah 31:20-28 Key Verse: For I [fully] satisfy the weary soul, and I replenish every languishing and sorrowful person.” – Jeremiah 31:25 (AMP)I awoke this morning with a phrase on my heart, “it all begins with the soul”. The work of restoration the Lord wants to do for you willContinue reading “A Satisfied Soul”

The God of Restoration

Topic: The God of Restoration Text: 1 Samuel 2:1-10 Key Verse: The Lord kills and restores to life; he sends people to the world of the dead and brings them back again. – 1 Samuel 2:6  We serve the God of restoration. God made the world and all that is in it. The different systems, solarContinue reading “The God of Restoration”

Drop The Worries

Topic: Drop The Worries Text: 1Peter 5:6-7 Key verse: Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you. – 1 Peter 5:7 (NLT) The events of this season have plagued so many with all kinds of fears, anxiety, and worries, even believers who had learned to trust in God earlier areContinue reading “Drop The Worries”

Tricked By Family

Topic: Tricked By Family Text: Genesis 29:14-25 Key Verse: The next morning Jacob found out that he had married Leah, and he asked Laban, “Why did you do this to me? Didn’t I work to get Rachel? Why did you trick me?” – Genesis 29:25 Some experiences are difficult to forget even after you haveContinue reading “Tricked By Family”

Divine Timing

Topic: Divine Timing Text: Philippians 2:6-9 Key verse: Then God gave Christ the highest place and honored his name above all others. – Philippians 2:9 One of the names of God is Alpha and Omega, the beginning and end of all things, who holds time in his hand and dwells in eternity. Dear friends, don’tContinue reading “Divine Timing”