File Claims For Restoration

Topic: File Claims For Restoration
Text: 2 Kings 8: 1-6
Key Verse: And when the king asked the woman, she told him. So the king appointed unto her a certain officer, saying, Restore all that was hers and all the fruits of the field since the day that she left the land, even until now. – 2 Kings 8:6 
Certain stories in Scripture simply pump up hope in my heart, one of them is the story in our text. 
A widow decided to obey the prophetic word that she received to leave her country of residence to go to a foreign land because there would be a famine, after the stated time she returned to Israel but her house and land had been taken over by others. 
The God of restoration kept faith with her and restored to her, not only what was hers, but even the accumulated harvest of the years of her absence. Can you beat that? Is there any God who can do this except, the Elshaddai? 
…Restore all that was hers and all the fruits of the field since the day that she left the land, even until now.- 2 Kings 8:6
Notice the steps she took before she experienced restoration. First, she returned from a foreign land. Then she approached the King and cried out for her land and properties. 

At the end of the seven years, she returned to Israel and went to the king to ask that her house and her land be restored to her.- 2 Kings 8:3 
Have you lost anything in the cause of obeying the Lord, it’s time to file a claim for its restoration. 
The lost son had to leave the country where he had migrated to waste his fortune and return to his Father and family to find forgiveness and restoration. You don’t file your claims in absentia, you have to return first to God. 
Never substitute complaining and murmuring with crying for restoration. She didn’t just tell the story of what had happened to the King, she demanded that her house and land be restored to her. 
What are you ready to recover?
Do you know, the moment she determined in her heart to go and get back her stuff, God arranged an appointment with destiny for her, she arrived just in time to bear witness to her testimony. There are no coincidences for God’s people, their times are in his hand.

*Heavenly Father, l thank you because of your great love for people especially me*. 
*Lord, l acknowledge and recognize that you never forget to reward those who diligently seek and you.*

*Father forgive me for keeping silent, as my enemies occupied my land, forgive my fear, lack of courage, and despair.* 
*King of Kings, l come to you in boldness and confidence, restore to me everything stolen from me in Jesus’ name. Amen*



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