Conquer Rejection

Topic: Conquer Rejection
Text: 1 Samuel 10: 24-27
Key verse: But some worthless fools said, “How can someone like Saul rescue us from our enemies?” They did not want Saul to be their king, and so they didn’t bring him any gifts. But Saul kept calm. – 1 Samuel 10:27 CEV

Rejection is one of the most significant causes of emotional pain and low self-esteem. Humans have an inbuilt desire for fellowship, the need to belong, so when they experience rejection from a person or group, the pain it inflicts on them is so dire they continue to relieve it many years after.

When, Cain’s offering was rejected, he reacted badly. Leah, Jacob’s first wife, could not hide the rivalry between her and Rachel even though they were sisters. Leah suffered rejection because her father tricked Jacob into marrying her.

Before Saul was presented to the people of Israel as their new king, the Lord had given him several encounters to assure him that he was God’s choice for the job. Yet, some fellows rejected him, implying he was incompetent, and brought him no gifts. Saul’s response is worthy of emulation; he remained calm and said nothing.

There are several reasons why a person may experience rejection in life, either in the workplace, marriage, relationships or even in church. Your gifts or skills might be the cause of your rejection if they see you as a threat; your physical look, disabilities, attitude, and behavior might also be the reason for your rejection.

Sometimes, you can not prevent being rejected when a position is for one person, and several of you compete for it. When others have the power of choice, they can exercise it as they consider appropriate. My assignment is to assure you that there is no need to hurt yourself or others because of rejection.

Cain failed because he did not manage rejection well; sin always creeps in on us to redress our rejection.

The Lord said to Cain: What’s wrong with you? Why do you have such an angry look on your face? If you had done the right thing, you would be smiling. But you did the wrong thing, and now sin is waiting to attack you like a lion. Sin wants to destroy you, but don’t let it! – Genesis 4:6-7(CEV)

You can overcome the anger, bitterness, and sadness that comes with rejection if you know your true identity in Christ, take the pain to the Cross and forgive those who rejected you.

Jesus knew he was the son of God, not just the carpenter’s boy, so when they rejected him in his town, he moved on to other places and continued to minister. He did not stay back to defend himself; neither did he flaunt his power to intimidate them. He simply moved on and focused on finishing his mission. (Matthew 13:53-58)

It is usually a very painful experience emotionally to suffer rejection, especially from those you love, spouse, children, siblings, or friends. The memories of happy moments you shared, promises you made to each other, the pleasure of places you visited together are difficult to replace with hurtful words and images of angry faces.

But it would be best if we learned to process these events, don’t internalize them, but deal with the issues focusing on responding as Jesus would want you to, and allowing him to take the pain away from you.

If you fail to deal with heart wounds healthily, like sharing it with a trusted counselor or trauma healing facilitator, it can rot to cause more harm. Absalom hid his pain because of his sister Tamar’s abuse, which led to death in the family and more.

Embrace your true identity in Christ, love yourself, believe God’s Word about you, trust God to help you with any inadequacies you may have, and God will give you a new beginning. He has done so for many people like me; you will not be an exception in Jesus’ name. Amen.

God encouraged people to go and be with Saul to help him with his new assignment, while the devil raised his agents to shoot hurtful words of rejection at him. Why do we always focus on the negative people? Why do they dominate our thoughts? Why do we magnify their ability or importance in the scheme of things?

God had encouraged some young men to become followers of Saul, and when he returned to his hometown of Gibeah, they went with him. – 1 Samuel 10:26

Precious time is wasted on the people who reject us, while those who love us and care about our success are ignored and seem invisible. Ponder on your situation, and let God show you how to respond now.


Father, l thank you for everyone who has read this devotional embrace them with your love, give them a picture of their true worth in your eyes, help them find the strength to let go of the things that are over, and trust you for a new beginning in Jesus name. Deliver them from anger and resentment, fill them with joy and peace in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Pastor Ada

Photo by Kane Reinholdtsen on Unsplash

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1 thought on “Conquer Rejection”

  1. Thank you pastor for this devotional. My take away is that our reaction to rejection is a reflection of our internal state of mind.

    We need to reaffirm ourselves of our identity in Christ with humility and disregard external voices and opinions.

    Thank you ma

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