Tricked By Family

Topic: Tricked By Family

Text: Genesis 29:14-25

Key Verse: The next morning Jacob found out that he had married Leah, and he asked Laban, “Why did you do this to me? Didn’t I work to get Rachel? Why did you trick me?” – Genesis 29:25

Some experiences are difficult to forget even after you have tried so hard. One such experience is the betrayal of family, being tricked by people you love and care about.

Some people find it easy to recover, while others struggle for a lifetime. The pain can make you take decisions that complicate your life. Jacob found himself in this kind of problem and the choices he made launched him into a spiral of troubles that caused him so much pain, the rivalry between his wives, and envy, and jealousy among his children.

Have you been robbed by someone you consider as a family? How did it affect your feelings? What was the most painful part for you?

The cases of sexual abuse of minors and teenagers by their family members are on the increase, while the number of people who have been defrauded financially by relatives is mind-blowing. Trust is a long lost virtue, integrity is seen as old fashion, today l want you to start your day believing in a miracle.

I bring you good news, God sees and knows what you have been through. He longs to fix things for you and give you a fresh start.

Jacob looked to himself to fix the problem, it was a mess, l tried too to fix my hurts from family and it only produced anger, bitterness, and hatred.

Turn it to God in prayers this morning and watch your healing and restoration begin.

Joseph experienced the deceit of family, he didn’t try to fix it through revenge even though it hurt so bad, the names he gave his children after many years in Egypt revealed his pain. God remembered and show up.

Joseph and his wife had two sons before the famine began. Their first son was named* *Manasseh, which means, “God has let me forget all my troubles and my family back home.”His second son was named Ephraim, which means “God has made me a success in the land where I suffered.” – Genesis 41:50-52

Today, the Lord has remembered you. He has come to deliver you from every soul tie to those who caused you pain. Forgive them and release them from your heart. The best life is ahead of you, no more sitting in darkness in Jesus’ name.


️Father, l thank you because you are a good God, you see me and you know me.

️Thank you Lord for remembering my case today, you are a merciful God.

️I hand over to you heavenly Father, the hurt and pain of my heart, caused by my family members, take it away from me permanently in Jesus’ name.

️Father miraculously visit me and make me forget all my troubles from my family in Jesus’ name.

️Father, give me success now that will swallow the pain of my past in this season of restoration in Jesus’ name.



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