Living Life Alone

Topic: Living Life Alone

Text: Acts 9:26-31

Key verse: But Barnabas took him and brought him to the apostles.

At Creation, God did a wonderful job, everything was beautiful, peaceful and colourful. Rivers softly flowing, birds singing and animals happily running around. That was what God had desired until he saw man sitting alone all by himself. 🙂

Man had been skilfully and delicately crafted, all his organs and systems were working in harmony with each other, man was hale and hearty, he was doing well with his work, he had just named all the animals! Wow, but he was alone!

It was not the beautiful picture God had in mind, aloneness was not good.

Living life alone is not God’s perfect plan. Togetherness is revealed from the first book and chapter of the bible, …Let us make man in our image verse 26.

Companionship is one of the main reasons for creating a woman. Adam needed someone to share with; conversations, food, laughter, dreams, ideas, just about anything!

Am not talking marriage, l mean companions.

In our text, Saul had become a believer and was powerfully advancing the kingdom in Damascus. When he arrived Jerusalem, he experienced rejection from the disciples, no one trusted him until Barnabas introduced him.

Sitting in darkness is living life alone.

Who is your Barnabas? Who are you doing life with? Who are those in your life now who can confidently speak about you, your vision, projects, or ministry? Living alone without anyone knowing where you are headed will make it difficult for you to have a bounce back after suffering rejection.

Paul\’s antecedents made it impossible for anyone to believe him, they must have imagined he was a very good conman. David suffered the same fate when he approached Nabal for support. He was mistaken as a servant who had run away from his master. The disciples were considered by the Sanhedrin as a sect misleading people, it was Gamaliel who saved the day, by asking them to reserve their opinions until after sometime ,to know if it was not actually God who was behind the new move.

Have you been rejected? Are people querying the vision you received from God?

Maybe no one is ready to invest in your business or ministry idea, don’t sit alone in darkness, go look for your Barnabas!

As soon as Saul joined them, his impact was very visible! When a plot was made to kill him, the brethren  came to his  rescue. Many great visionaries have been wasted because they journeyed alone.

Don’t claim you walk better alone, two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labour. ….Ecc 4:9

Share your vision, stop being secretive, talk to someone, they will become agents of God’s transition for your life journey.

Rejection happens when people are misunderstood. Reappraise yourself, your vision or  ideas. Critical thinking might help you fine tune your message and presentation. Its called packaging😄

It’s time for a Comeback!

God is going ahead of you, Arise shine for your light is Come!



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