Quit Running

Topic: Quit Running

Text: Jonah 2

Key verse: Those who worship false gods turn their backs on all God’s mercies. Verse 8

God’s purpose and plan for man is always good. It is higher than we can imagine but God’s ways of bringing those plans to pass is not always familiar.

We make choices based on human understanding, feelings and values. But God looks at the big picture from eternity past to infinity and chooses paths that work according to his will and for his glory. This truth is often difficult for man to accept!

Jonah knew the will of God for his life, but he chose to follow the idols of his heart. He boarded the wrong ship!😉

As the ship sped in the opposite direction of Nineveh, he must have celebrated his victory in hiding behind the permissive will of God. If only he knew who the sovereign God of all the earth truly is !

He ended up in the belly of the deep, right in the pit of a fish’s belly , after several uncomfortable situations. He knew what God wanted, but he still preferred to die rather than submit to that will.

Sitting in darkness is resisting God’s will for your life.

We may not see the good in the path God has chosen, but knowing his wisdom is infinite, we need to speak to our heart to trust in his ways.

When we lean on our own understanding of issues we show how ignorant we are. We can not find any God more gracious than Jehovah. Neither can our ways produce good that will endure to eternity. Our righteousness is like filthy rags in God’s sight and the human heart is so deceitful!

God so loves the world, Nineveh and its people was part of that world, what good could have been better, than to see the whole nation saved. Yet Jonah’s comfort and personal dream blinded him!

When we choose to pursue careers, projects, relationships and dreams that are contrary to God’s will for our lives, it is a conscious decision to sit in darkness.

God is loving , but he also has power to make his creation do his will. Some storms, winds, fires and waters are just messengers doing his bidding.

Jonah remembered the power of prayer,

… As my life was slipping away, I remembered the Lord. verse 7

Salvation always comes when we remember God! Quit running or hiding from God, let him fix the mess, he is full of grace and second chances.

 What you give up to do his will is nothing compared to what you gain when you fulfill purpose.

It’s time to review your position, location and direction.



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