When Light Comes

Topic: When Light Comes

Text: Genesis 1:14-18

Key verse: Then God said, “Let lights appear in the sky to separate the day from the night. Let them be signs to mark the seasons, days, and years. Verse 14

Our God , Jehovah is omniscient,  infinite in wisdom. Everything made was for a purpose. God created lights to separate the day from the night, because man needs a taste of both to be whole. None of them was to last forever, each had the time allotted to it.

The lights were to serve another purpose, to be signs for the different seasons, day and years.

The lights serve as a timer for man to understand how he ought to live in each season.

Seed time and harvest do not normally happen at the same time, your activities for each time varies, even though you enjoy the harvest time, when there is abundance, it cannot last forever. A time comes when you must bury your seed in the ground even if you are hungry, to ensure you have a harvest in your future.

People often speak of bad days , sometimes they can leave you overwhelmed. It seems those day lasts for more than twenty four hours, but, you know better.

The good news here is that in each of those days or nights, there is always Light!

God never leaves us without a witness of his presence and love. The word of God  contains revelation which  gives light to the discerning.

Staying away from fellowship with God through the word ,or fellowship with the brethren, shuts out light from our lives.

As God had a light for Hagar in the wilderness, so he had a word for Paul in the Storm and shipwreck.

God is present in the  night seasons of our lives, let’s seek the light, small as it may be, but it is enough to carry you through!



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