Identify Signs

Topic: Identify Signs

Text: Genesis 1:14-18

Key verse: …. Let them be signs to mark the seasons, days and years . Verse 14

We are very familiar with the way the light helps us count our days and years.  Some of us are conscious of our birthdays and do not fail to celebrate them.

Its instructive to know that the lights God sends to our lives, are also there as a sign.  Signs help us identity locations, direction and function. Even some signs are warnings to prevent us from being hurt.

When you are unable to interpret a sign accurately you can make mistakes that might cause you discomfort. God\’s word comes to us as a sign to prepare us for a new season or to warn us on the need to change direction.  Elijah prayed till he saw a sign.

The stars were signs that showed the wise men a king was born, as the stars moved, they understood it was giving direction to  where to find the baby. God still speaks today to us concerning his new plans for our lives and the new season we are entering into.

We may be moving into a season of abundance and God may want us to start sowing towards it. He might start to send opportunities to give our seed away, and when we ignore them we put ourselves in a position of financial difficulties in the days to come.

The request of Elijah to the widow of Zarephath was a sign, if she had ignored it, her story would have ended in more hardship and even starvation.

Is there a sign you ignored in the past? Is there a warning to move out of a relationship you were in, that you ignored and it cost you a huge loss, or heart wounds?

Joseph the husband of Mary heeded the dream that came as a sign to leave for Egypt. God always sends light even in the night.

Let\’s learn to trust God in the times of darkness for then, will we see the way of escape provided for us.



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