When The Pain Leads To The Call 

Text: Psalm 105:16-22

Key verse: “…Until what he had said came to pass, the word of the Lord tested him;” Genesis 105: 19

When l think of pain, so many thoughts run through my mind. Everyone avoids pain, but the pain is a tool that produces positive results when it is in the hand of God.

For most of Joseph’s early life, he had little or no pain. God had planted great dreams in his heart that would make him happy and bring blessings to his family.

The big picture was in God’s view, while Joseph could see just one scene in the script.

In our text, we read, “…what he had said“. Who said what? God spoke many things years ago to Abraham and would bring them to pass, only at the right time. There is timing to every prophecy and the right season for a promise to be fulfilled.

God needed the right man to get the job done, so he had to put that man to the test to see if he qualified for the assignment. Joseph had a call to be a saviour; a life of national or global relevance will require training and mastery.

Then the king sent for him and set him free. He was put in charge of all the king’s possessions. At his pleasure, he could imprison the king’s aides and teach the king’s advisors. Psalm 105:20-22(TLB)

 God had to use the tool of pain for the test: the pain of rejection, betrayal, slavery, hardship, false accusation, imprisonment, solitude, abandonment ….etc.

The word of the Lord tested him and produced character in Joseph. Beyond the pain you feel, ask the questions that will help you learn about God’s way, wisdom and people.

Everything that happened to him was contrary to the word he had received. But Joseph chose to judge him faithful. He refused to cast away his confidence in the goodness and righteousness of God. He resolved not to use any shortcut to get to the place of destiny but rather to trust the all-knowing God, whose presence in his life had made him flourish like a palm tree.

Nothing changed as long as he tried to justify himself and seek relief from pain. But when he decided to minister and serve others, his gift made way for him.

A man’s gift maketh room for him and bringeth him before great men. Proverbs 18:16(KJV)

Can you see any purpose in your pain? Try to join the dots in Joseph’s life, and then you will see how your thread is weaving a beautiful picture.

 God is working with the events and experiences of your life, and one day, the promise will soon become a reality, and what was meant for evil will lead you to your Call. When everything fits the big picture, then it is the right time. Trust it.

Pastor Ada


Can I see God’s presence with me despite my pain?

Am I growing in character in this season?

What gift do l have that can serve those around me in this season of my life?

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