Never Abandoned

Topic: Never Abandoned

Text: Psalms 139:5-6(NLT)

Key verse: You go before me and follow me. You place your hand of blessing on my head .

In all kinds of warfare, one of the strategies is to intimidate your enemy by acting as if you are larger than life. You create an imposing image, by exaggeration, boasting and all kind of lies about your weaponry, hosts and competencies.

Because the devil is the father of all liars, his most common lie against the believer in time of crisis, is to claim that God has abandoned you!

This lie if believed, completely cuts you off from seeking help, comfort and hope from the Lord. The result is, the believer becomes angry and bitter against God, and this is the cause of darkness that begins to overshadow that individual. God is light, his absence from your life is the reason for darkness.

 You place your hand of blessing on my head.

God is not just with you, but his hand of blessing is available for you, to meet your needs in that season.

It is natural for men to turn their backs on you, it’s normal even for men to break their promises to you, don\’t blame them. They are human, they have limitations. Even when they care, there are unable to meet some of your needs.

What man can see the pain deep in your heart? What man can feel the emptiness of your heart? What man can give answers to all your questions? Job’s friends tried, but in the process, they said the wrong things!

Some people keep away, because they lack understanding in what to say, while others simply feel helpless that they cannot give any meaningful help.

Stop believing that lie, … “everyone has left me, even God has abandoned me”! God is here!

See God in the day to day interventions in your life. When you almost slipped in the bathroom,who saved you? When you almost got hit by a car, because you were lost in thought and didn’t hear it coming? Who rescued you? When you overpaid the cashier and still left your purchases in the store, because you were overwhelmed with fear? Who restored your goods to you?

Look up! God is here! Even in the fish belly, God answered Jonah’s prayer, on the cross though God didn’t answer Jesus’ question of why he was forsaken, he still  confirmed the sacrifice of Jesus was accepted by tearing the curtain in the temple in two, giving man eternal access into the presence of God!

God is here. You may not see him now, but believe it that he is here to do you good, in spite of what may have happened. Spend some time in thanksgiving for his ever abiding presence and faithfulness in your life.



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