Feeling Confident

Topic: Feeling Confident

Text: Psalm 139:6 – 12

Key verse: Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too great for me to understand!

What you know to a large extent determines the level of impact life issues have on you.

In the same environment where people are facing the same hardship, oppression, assault and conflict, we see great talent develop and great minds arise.

What you know is the lens through which you see life. How you interpret what has happened to you, is a reflection of what you believe about yourself.

God the Father has invited us to a beautiful relationship with him. On this relationship rests our identity, our position, our purpose and our significance.

David had his doubts sometimes about God’s plan for his life. As he transitioned from watching sheep to becoming the Shepherd of God’s people, he encountered all kinds of hurts, betrayal, rejection and attack.¬† The only constant, was the presence of God.

Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too great for me to understand!

The knowledge of God’s steadfast love was too wonderful for him. As he pondered on why God would choose him, even when they were people better than him was amazing.

What do you know about God, think about his omnipresence, God is everywhere! Whether you are locked up in a room, or abandoned in a prison cell, God is right there beside you if you are his child. He promised never to leave you, or forsake you.

Think about what you know about God’s faithfulness to his promises and covenants. Doesn’t it blow your mind that thousands of years after, his word still stands concerning the seed of Abraham.

David set his mind on the things that lifted him. When you set your mind on yourself, your fears, your inadequacies, your hurts and pains, it weighs you down.

When you choose to focus on God’s abilities, it releases light that dispels every darkness, and shows you the way out of the negative situation.

What do you know? Do you believe what you have heard about God? David chose to believe even though he didn’t understand.

God is good, he is faithful. He is merciful and full of compassion. He will never abandon his own, and you are his own!

May these words comfort you in your pain, that he is here right now, and feels what you feel and wants you to be lifted out of every pain.

Jesus took it all that day, from the garden to the trial. All the stripes, bruises and affliction took care of the pain upfront.

This knowledge is too wonderful for me, but l believe it!



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