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4 thoughts on “THE INVITATION”

  1. Thanks for sharing my Pastor. Yes let’s allow God share our lives and work through us. God knows my current and latest weaknesses before chooses to use me may His name be glorify

  2. Thank you for this Pastor Ada. Sometimes, we think negative self talk is a sign of humility. It is not. It is a lack of faith since it is saying the opposite of what God is saying to us and about us. May God help our unbelief.

  3. Toyin Clay Pender

    I am blessed by this post. 🤩
    Truly, I realise that I am NOTHING without Jesus Christ. It’s no use for a mere pen to claim the expertise or accolades accorded to the writer. 😏🤷🏽‍♀
    This knowledge has kept me humble and glued to the Master’s feet, ever learning and being used in His service.
    I count it a great honour and a rare privilege to serve in the vineyard of our Lord. 😁
    I won’t trade THIS for any other thing. So, whatever I do, I am ever careful NOT to let it get into my head because it is ONLY in Christ Jesus that my relevance count, hence, I make my boast ONLY IN THE LORD. 😊🥰

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