The Great Invitation

Topic: The Great invitation

Text: Isaiah 55

Key verse: \”Is anyone thirsty? Come and drink even if you have no money, Come, take your choice of wine or milk it\’s all free.

The bible is full of several invitations from God both in the old and the New Testament. The invitations are sometimes a call to dine with royalty or an invitation to flee from danger. Those who answer the call always live to celebrate their response while those who reject it live to regret eternally.

Our text is one of such invitations given to us by God through his prophet Isaiah. The call is to all who are thirsty: Come and drink! The invitation offers two items, Milk and wine, you can buy with your money or you can have them all for free! Our God is so generous. All are welcome, it\’s all free!

The only conditions attached to the offer are twofold: you must be thirsty and you must come and buy in faith from the Lord.

Are you thirsty? What do you thirst for? God is offering milk for food and wine for pleasure. I have met several people who do not know what they want in life. They have no sense of value; what is a priority to them most times are things that do not solve their problems but complicate them. They are more interested in the label on the clothing and the restaurant the food was purchased rather than the actual need it meets.

Food is a necessity to live; God is offering to meet your need for nourishment, physically, and spiritually. The scriptures are full of miracles of provision or multiplication of physical food. The widow\’s barrel of meal that never failed in the famine, the bread and meat the prophet received at the Brook Cherith and the abundance the Lepers discovered at the Syrian\’s camp are just a few of the miracles in the old testament, in the new testament Jesus fed the people too.

Physical food is for strength and not gluttony! The word of God is the bread of life I have had miraculous provisions in business and supply of physical foodstuff, by simply standing on the word of God to answer the call to buy from God what l needed. God offers wine as a source of pleasure and Joy. You need the Joy to make it through life\’s hurdles. Even when you have made failure proof preparations, still things fall out of line and slip right through your fingers like grains of sand. Joy helps you survive when the seasons change, nothing you do or don\’t do can prevent a change in season for you or those you love. Even if you eat healthily, live on age renewing supplements and creams, your age will still add up and set boundaries for you. 

\”As long as the earth remains, there will be planting and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night.\” Genesis 8:22 Father God has everything you need for each season even when you are in transition. These resources are for your physical sustenance and emotional well being. For everything, there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven. Ecclesiastics 3:1

You must respond to the invitation by looking up to God as the source of these things, not yourself. No man can meet all your needs only God can; no matter how good the intentions, man has limitations to be everything for you. The Lord invites you to come, it\’s all free but you have to buy it. The currency you need is faith! Living by faith is learning to seek God as your source of provision. There are other sources of provision but only God gives everything for free. !

Are you ready to receive?



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