Starting Over

Text: Hebrews 11:8

Key verse: “It was faith that made Abraham obey when God called him to go out to a country that God had promised to give him. He left his own country without knowing where he was going. Life as we know it had a beginning, it did not start from a glowing past, and its future was hidden in the heart of the creator.

New beginnings require faith, the ability to see the invisible.

Abraham seemed to be living a normal life, in fact, an ordinary life like all the people around him, going through the motions of eating and drinking, marriage, raising children, making wealth, and joining ancestors when the body is spent.

He heard a voice urging him to stop and start all over again in a new location. We were not told he had any reason to run from where he was, but the voice promised him a better and brighter future.

The courage of living is to take risks, to fail, to get up, and to try again. Try again differently

Naide P Obiang

Starting over requires taking risks. It is a gamble with the known for the unknown. The Christian race is a life of safe risks based on the insurance cover of a known and tested God. Abraham didn\’t have anyone to tell him about God\’s reliability, he had to chart the course for himself. He had to count the sand on the seashore and the stars in the sky to know the full weight and value of the promise.

As long as you are living in fear and too afraid of ever making a mistake, you will miss all the wonderful opportunities God will send you in life. Broken relationships do not define people, it simply means you had a wrong pick and lacked the knowledge of how to make it work. Sometimes, after you have given it everything, free yourself if the other party chooses to walk away. It is their choice, allow them to exercise their free will. It hurts to say goodbye and is even more painful to just have someone walk away without closure, but except that door closes, a new one cannot open to something better!

Starting over is necessary after a season of failure; my attempt at network marketing did not turn out well the first time, our product arrived the market a season too early, my principal was a very crafty person, ready to take her pound of flesh and blood while soothing you with the religious promise of wealth transfer, of course, she alone received it at the expense of the kingdom. I was no fool at the time, much as l saw the warning lights and tried to secure my investment, she was ever so sly to eat everybody’s cake and have it. She was a professional and minister of the gospel with a heart sold to Mammon, she was just unstoppable. Do l hate her? No. I was naive and had to learn the art of business the right way. We win some, we lose some as they say. I was not afraid to re-launch other businesses, and l made money even though it came from other sources.

If you need to start over, I was sent to you. Abraham had to take a huge risk, he had to physically relocate to an unknown location. He believed God, it was counted for him as righteousness. What are you able to believe God for? What is that risk you have waited so long to take? Is it the risk of returning home to ask for forgiveness like the prodigal? Is it the fear of losing the last capital you have to invest? The widow gave away her last at the word of the prophet, and she kept on eating and living with her household. God’s words are bankable, try them today!

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