Positioned For Victory During Interruptions

Topic: Positioned For Victory During Interruptions

Text: Mark 4:35- 41

Key Verse: Jesus got up and ordered the wind and the waves to be quiet. The wind stopped, and everything was calm. – Mark 4:39

Have there been times you set out to do the will of God and entered a storm? Then it is commonplace. No two storms are the same; some experience storms in their health, business, marriage even ministry. A storm is not only a physical event, but at times challenges come as winds and beat upon our lives so hard that they overwhelm us. Trials sometimes come on all fronts, and you run out of solutions or ideas, and you wonder why. In our text, Jesus was in the boat with them while the storm raged.

Our response to storms equally varies depending on our personality and level of maturity in the faith. Some start to cry out when the clouds darken, while others with a fighting mindset will dig their heels in the ground and brace up to fight the storm as best as possible. This second set would only talk about the issues in their lives once it has become too stormy to hide. Which group do you belong to?ūüėÉ

Suddenly a windstorm struck the lake. Waves started splashing into the boat, and it was about to sink. – Mark 4:37 CEV

Storms usually happen suddenly, without much notice. Even the best preparation cannot prevent storms of life, but being well-positioned can ensure you overcome and maximize them.

The Bible gives us reasons to know that Jesus was fully man on Earth; after a busy day of ministry, he was tired and found a quiet place in the boat to sleep.

Jesus was in the back of the boat with his head on a pillow, and he was asleep. His disciples woke him and said, “Teacher, don’t you care that we’re about to drown?” – Mark 4:38

Some sceptics have mocked that Jesus, whom we worship, is a sleeping God; this is laughable. If Jesus had not come fully as a man, he wouldn’t have qualified to be a perfect substitute for us on the Cross. Secondly, Jesus would not have been a sympathetic intercessor because he had to experience life on Earth to understand our weaknesses and limitations. Jesus chose to be a man on Earth to serve humanity better.

We have a great high priest who has gone into heaven and is Jesus, the Son of God. We must hold on to what we have said about him. Jesus understands every weakness of ours because he was tempted in every way that we are. But he did not sin! So whenever we are in need, we should come bravely before the throne of our merciful God. There we will be treated with undeserved kindness, and we will find help. – Hebrews 4:14-16 CEV

It is interesting to notice how the human mind works, the disciples, in their desperate situation, had the unique privilege of having Jesus in their boat. His presence did not give them enough confidence as the storm raged; instead of asking the “learner” question, they chose to ask a “judger” question. ‚ĶHis disciples woke him and said, “Teacher, don’t you care that we’re about to drown?” – Mark 4:38

Their question was focused on whether Jesus cared about them instead of asking for help. Is that different from the position we take during personal storms? We query God’s love and faithfulness, doubt his ability to make the right choice for us and regret that we sought his will before we embarked on the journey.
Stop and reflect on the different storms you have been in. Was Jesus on the ship with you? What kind of questions did you ask God?

Jesus looked past their question and calmed the storm before he addressed their lack of faith.

Jesus asked his disciples, “Why were you afraid? Don’t you have any faith?” – Mark 4:40

Jesus always looks for a “teaching moment” during life’s interruptions; he never confuses us about his love and will for our lives. Jesus revealed the power of a believer during the storms of life, power in the words of our mouth, ability to calm the storm through the word of faith!

Andrew Crouch wrote a song, Through it All; one of the lines of the song says, “If l didn’t have a problem, l won’t know he could solve them”. Jesus positions us to experience the power and glory of God when the devil sends storms our way. Don’t have a mindset that has no faith in God’s love or power and doesn’t believe the lie that the presence of interruptions is the absence of God. God is loving and good to his people; whatever happens, always believe that God has a way out for you, and because he is at the centre of your life, you will not go down.

We maximize interruptions by asking the right questions and making the right decisions. Going to Jesus in prayer was the right thing to do then; people often reach out to their family and friends before turning to Jesus, and others fight the storms with their human reasoning and native sense. Today Jesus reveals that God can do much more than we can ask or think if we learn to trust.

Now they were more afraid than ever and said to each other, “Who is this? Even the wind and the waves obey him!” – Mark 4:41CEV.

Never imagine that you know God and all his abilities entirely; as you keep following, you will learn from every test, and your worship will grow in depth and passion.

I pray that Christ Jesus and the church will forever bring praise to God. His power at work in us can do far more than we dare ask or imagine. Amen. – Ephesians 3:20 CEV

Father, thank you for your faithful love for your church; you never leave, not forsake us as you have promised. Teach us to turn to you first whenever we see contrary winds and the storms of life, knowing that you can give us victory by the power of the spoken word. Thank you for the growth that will come at the end of the interruptions we have seen in our journey in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Pastor Ada


Photo by Vince Fleming on Unsplash

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