Learning Opportunities In The Wild

Topic: Learning Opportunities in the Wild

Text: 1 Samuel 16:11 -19

Key verse: “Behold l have seen a son of Jesse the Bethlehemite, who is skillful in playing, a man of valor, a man of war, prudent in speech  and a man of good presence, and the Lord is with him”

We are so blessed to have the life and testimony of so many people of faith documented for our benefit and instruction. David was a man the Lord raised out of the wilderness to serve his generation. At the time Samuel visited his home to anoint a king he was absent. He was not considered a likely candidate so he was not invited.

You may not look today like the kind of candidate for royalty, or maybe no one around can see anything special about you, don’t be bothered the one who makes men Kings, looks at the heart and he enables and qualifies the person to fulfill destiny.

A wilderness is a place of the wild. Dangerous animals and harsh weather conditions can kill even the strongest of men, yet that was where the youngest son of Jesse was sent to serve. In life we don’t get to choose who our teachers would be, in the school of life God decides the place, the instructor and the season.

Even though it didn’t seem fair that the youngest should face such risks, David didn’t consider it much rather he turned the wilderness to a place for human capital development. He developed character, musical skills, became valiant in combat and carried the presence of God around. 

Our key verse was a testimony given about him, not him telling his story and tooting his horn.

This generation is plagued with an over exaggerated impression of themselves that makes them think of themselves more highly than they ought. This simply sets them up in pride and prevents them from being fully formed in the image and nature of Christ before they are unleashed to the world.

What do you consider has been your wilderness season? What did you do with the times of loneliness? Are you still angry with God that he allowed you to pass through that experience? Reconsider today, the opportunities you allowed to slip through your fingers because you were blinded by your fear and bitterness against those who put you in that situation and you failed to use the wilderness to your advantage.

David was a common shepherd, not a member of Saul’s army like his brothers yet God raised him up to become an exceptional King. Don’t despise the job you are doing now or the daily chores you are assigned to do, God’s transformational tools are different, they work on the intrinsic values of the person’s heart and personality.  God uses suffering to purify as a refiner and because you are dust, he takes quite a while to turn you to clay with the water of the Word, and breaks and molds you till you look like the vessel he had in mind when he formed you in your mother’s womb.

Was David ever afraid while in the wilderness, we will find out as we progress. Today, what does David‘s experience challenge you to do? Can you look back a bit to see if there were learning opportunities you skipped? God’s dealings with David started as a young man; don’t think for a moment that these lessons are meant for your future, it is relevant to you now. You are being watched by people who hold the key to your next season, they may not need your CV, what they experience in the few times they spend around you is all they need. The presence of God on you will always stand you out!

Make the most of your season!

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