Keep Calm

Topic: Keep Calm

Text: Exodus 14:1-14

Key verse: The Lord himself will fight for you. Just stay calm.”

In previous series you must have observed the bent from the flow of thoughts. The Israelites encountered the signs that were wrought in Egypt because they lived there. They were witnesses of all the miraculous acts of judgment against Egypt, but it did not teach them anything about the person of God and his ways. All they saw was events and not character!

Often l have seen the Keep Calm quotes; keep calm and smile, keep calm and keep moving or keep calm and stay positive. They are several of them, all aimed at helping you relax in the face of challenges. The advice to be calm addresses your emotional state, because your emotions can greatly influence your sense of judgment in the face of challenges.

The mind dominant person clearly processes the situation based on how he thinks and what he has believed prior to that time. God admonishes us to renew our mind with the word of God so we can think God thoughts. If you dwell on what God has done and can do, you are more likely to think of what he can do in your present situation.

When you are driven by emotions, you respond to feelings and can rarely see reason. Fear, sadness and anger are common emotions that plague us day by day. God gave us 366 verses to deal with our fears. You have to intentionally appropriate the relevant scripture for the fear you are dealing with, till you can build up faith in that area.

The Israelites always feared death, they quickly forgot the many things that could have killed them in Egypt but God spared them. What do you fear most? What triggers your emotional outburst? The Lord himself will fight for you. Just stay calm.” God\’s word for you is to stay calm because the Lord will fight for you. Staying calm is not an act of laziness, or foolishness, but rather a measure to help you see God in that situation. God had a strategy for this particular battle, it was another trap for Pharaoh. …Then Pharaoh will think, ‘The Israelites are confused. They are trapped in the wilderness.

God knows your enemies better than you do. Your chief enemy Lucifer has been in the game for centuries, stop relying on your wits, experience or guts, you are no match for the devil if you go against him on your own. Your supremacy lies in your partnership with God in the battle. “ I have planned this in order to display my glory through Pharaoh and his whole army. After this the Egyptians will know that I am the Lord!” God has a stake in your matter, you cannot fail!

Strategy in warfare is everything. God has different strategies for every battle! I believe it is wrong to teach only one or two strategies of warfare to believers, and cut them off from the spontaneity of God\’s leading.  Every believer who will thrive in this age must learn to hear the voice of God continually, and follow his leading for every battle. Fasting, anointing oil, mantle , giving etc are all strategies. None of them is the master key that fits all doors. Prayer is the only master key, if it includes hearing from God!

Stay calm because God will fight for you! Stop panicking! Stop asking for advice from everyone you see, stick to God, he has led you this far, he has your history; he understands where you have been and also knows your enemies\’ capability!  Notice, God knew the number of chariots Pharaoh will unleash against them, so he positioned Israel strategically to catch Pharaoh where he will not miss.

Tame your anger, and your sadness they are not working in your favour. Listen to God, he will give you the right response for every season. This is the way of spontaneity, total dependence on the Holy Spirit.

Praying for you to understand this key🙏🏼


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