Dealing With Guilt

Topic: Dealing With Guilt

Text: Psalm 139:1-2

Key verse: O Lord, you have examined my heart and know everything about me.  Verse 1

Life can be lonely sometimes, those seasons when you are misunderstood by those you love, even times when your innocent remarks are taken out of context and every effort you make to explain yourself is rejected.

Are you in a time when the laughter is gone from your life, and every one blames you for it?

Do you feel so alone even in the midst of the crowd? Maybe, no one really cares to know the truth, how it happened and why you had to do it. I know someone who knows the truth. He searches deeply and knows you, your thoughts and your heart.

People judge issues, based on what they see, hear, or perceive. Perception can be wrong at times. It is a result of the state of the person\’s mind. Maybe , you have been judged guilty, and you know what no one else knows about what happened, today l want you to find consolation in knowing God sees!

In the time of solitude, God knows your movement. He knows why you do what you do. He knows your activities, even in secret. Your private conversations, even with yourself are not hidden from him.

David knew how it felt to live under suspicion, his steps were watched day and night, his good efforts to excel in service made  him become a threat to his master. When did excellence become a crime? Since when has it become evil to be beautiful in speech and conduct?

Sometimes, people love you for who you are, at other times, they hate you for who you are. God knows your thoughts from afar, he alone can judge your motives accurately.

Accept yourself for who you are, believe what God says about you, shut the doors against the lies that want to drive you into darkness. Stand in the light!Satan and his cohorts, specialize in throwing slime at God\’s people. Their power over you lasts as long as you shut yourself in with the lies.

Speak the truth, speak God\’s word about you, shake off the lie!



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