About Darkness

Topic: About Darkness

Text: Mark 4:26-29 (NLT)

Key verse: Night and day, while he’s asleep or awake, the seed sprouts and grows, but he does not understand how it happens.

The Bible tell us how the earth was made by the power of the word of God. That power is not visible to the eyes , but its impact can be felt .

Night and day, refers to the process of time. Some seeds take weeks to germinate, while some take years. Its all in the seed. What you carry in the inside determines the process

Night and day as men sleep God who neither sleeps nor slumbers, works on the earth, bring his word to pass in every life and over every sphere of society.

In our waking moments, we may take action to plant the seed, or even water it, but the increase only comes from God. Growth is the work of God.

Jesus warned his disciples as he taught on the Mount, about the futility of anxiety, when we fret and worry over issues, we can not change, we show our lack of faith in the ability and character of God.

Peace is the result of quiet confidence in the faithfulness of God, to do what he says he will do about the issues of our lives.

Healing is the work of God, whether the healing of physical or emotional wounds. How it happens is the work of God.

Today, l encourage you to trust the process. God is at work in your life and situation. Sometimes, it seems things get worse first, before they start to get better. Death and decay of the seed precedes the sprouting and growth of new life.

Maybe its time to say to the Father, “Forgive me for complaining about your work in my life, you are the maker of all things, help me yield completely to your spirit’s power, to kill everything that needs to die in my life, so that the new can sprout. I trust you Lord, not my way, not my time, but let your will be done in the process of time, in Jesus name. Amen.”



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