Overcome Shame

Topic: Overcome Shame

Text: Psalm 139:11-12

Key verse: I could ask the darkness to hide me and the light around me to become night

We are introduced to a world full of darkness in Genesis. But God separated it from light. In his wisdom he created lesser lights and stars to rule the night.

No matter the time of day or night, God is in charge.

When bad things happen, we begin to  analyze it, playing it over and over in our minds. Sometimes we come up with regret that produces shame. Shame is feeling bad about who you are.

The feeling of shame makes you want to hide from people, and run into darkness. People will often refuse to open their windows to let the light in and when its dark inside, they avoid turning on the lights.

But even in darkness I cannot hide from you. To you the night shines as bright as day

God sees you and knows what you are feeling. A.W.Tozer once said about the Lord Jesus, ” He knows the worst about you and is the one who loves you the most”

Quit running from God!

Maybe why you are uncomfortable still in darkness is because you are still not free from guilt. Guilt is feeling bad about what you did. Well, God has made provision for times when we willfully sin against others, ourselves and God, It is called repentance.  Don’t just feel guilty, but go to those you hurt by your action and apologize.

 Acknowledge you have done wrong, and regret your action. God will show mercy when we repent. Sometimes, people might take a while to accept our apology, but the repentance frees you up, and brings the whole episode to light. Jesus said, The truth will set you free.

 Darkness and light are the same to you.

God’s love for you is the same, even when you have failed. You are still his child, in spite of what happened. Take a journey back home, to the loving embrace of a heavenly father, he will restore your relationship, giving you a ring, he will remove the garment of guilt and shame and clothe you with beauty and glory. Then, he will put on your feet new sandals that will keep you safe from harm.

God is here for you! Today.



Published by Ada Babajide

Ada Babajide is a Certified Faith-Based Counsellor, Life Coach, Pastor and Trauma Healing Facilitator. She is passionate about the recovery of the brokenhearted in the kingdom and has helped several people walk past their trauma and have new beginnings. She hosts regular Trauma healing retreats and is a regular speaker at conferences and seminars.

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