Next Generation Leaders

Topic: Next Generation LeadersText: 1 SAMUEL 17:53-58 Key Verse: David took Goliath’s head to Jerusalem, but he kept Goliath’s weapons in his own tent. – 1 Samuel 17:54 CEV David represents the next generation of leaders God is raising worldwide. There are no known names, but young people have built capacity and competence amid unfavorableContinue reading “Next Generation Leaders”

A Sling And A Stone

Topic: A Sling And A Stone Text: 1 Samuel 17:41-51 Key Verse: So David triumphed over the Philistine with only a sling and a stone, for he had no sword. – 1 Samuel 17:50 NLT I believe in Miracles, and the victory of David over Goliath is one of my favorites! What is a miracle?Continue reading “A Sling And A Stone”

Life’s Battle Made Easy

Topic: Life’s Battle Made Easy Text: 1 Samuel 17:1-11 Key Verse: Here and now, I challenge Israel’s whole army! Choose someone to fight me! – 1 Samuel 17:10 CEV Life is a battle, the forces of light and darkness have been in contention since the world began, and light has always prevailed. Hallelujah! Every battleContinue reading “Life’s Battle Made Easy”

A Possibility Thinker

Topic: A Possibility Thinker Key scripture: Luke 14:31-32(CEV)Key verse: Before he goes out to battle, won’t he first sit down and decide if he can win? If he thinks he won’t be able to defend himself, he will send messengers and ask for peace while the other king is still a long way off.  AContinue reading “A Possibility Thinker”

Presumption In Spiritual Warfare

Topic: Presumption in spiritual warfare Text: 1 Samuel 15:1-23 Key verse: What is more pleasing to the Lord: your burnt offerings and sacrifices or your obedience to his voice? Listen! Obedience is better than sacrifice, and submission is better than offering the fat of rams The life of a believer is constant warfare against theContinue reading “Presumption In Spiritual Warfare”

Pick your fights carefully

Topic: Pick your fights carefully Text: Joshua 10: 1-21 Key verse: “Come and help me destroy Gibeon,” he urged them, “for they have made peace with Joshua and the people of Israel.” We have had a great time reviewing the armor of God in spiritual warfare, promises that assure us of victory and different warfareContinue reading “Pick your fights carefully”

When Heaven Fights For You

Topic: When Heaven fights for you Text: Joshua 10:1-21 Key verse: As the Amorites retreated down the road from Beth-horon, the Lord destroyed them with a terrible hailstorm from heaven that continued until they reached Azekah. The hail killed more of the enemy than the Israelites killed with the sword. A believer in Jesus Christ hisContinue reading “When Heaven Fights For You”