Grace:  Tool for Ministry and Divine Calling.

Grace:  Tool for Ministry and Divine Calling. “Whereof I was made a minister, according to the gift of the Grace of God given unto me by the effectual working of his power. Unto me, who am less than the least of all saints, is this Grace given, that I should preach among the Gentiles theContinue reading “Grace:  Tool for Ministry and Divine Calling.”

Revelation Knowledge

We have established that the knowledge we need to access Grace’s blessings is Revelation Knowledge. What happens when we receive Revelation Knowledge : Kenneth Hagin, of blessed memory, was sickly as a child; he suffered from an incurable blood disease, had a deformed heart, and was bedfast ( partially paralyzed) at age 15.Doctors said hisContinue reading “Revelation Knowledge”

Jesus: Our Access to God’s Grace.

Jesus: Our Access to God’s Grace. For out of His fullness [the superabundance of His grace and truth] we have all received grace upon grace [spiritual blessing upon spiritual blessing, favor upon favor, and gift heaped upon gift]. For the Law was given through Moses, but grace [the unearned, undeserved favor of God] and truthContinue reading “Jesus: Our Access to God’s Grace.”

Grace Is A Gift

Understanding the Grace of God We have already established from the scriptures that God, by nature, is Gracious.We also saw that Grace means Favour. Today, we will see that this Grace or Favour is undeserved, unmerited, and unearned. For they got not the land in possession by their own sword, Neither did their own armContinue reading “Grace Is A Gift”

Grace means favour

Grace is a character of God that is mentioned severally in the scriptures. That means it is His nature to be Gracious. Here are some scriptures that buttress this Truth.Exodus 34:6; Numbers 6: 25; Psalm 145: 8. Then the Lord passed by in front of him and proclaimed, “The Lord, the Lord God, compassionate andContinue reading “Grace means favour”

7 P’s Of First Things.

Introduction: At the beginning of the year 2015, l waited on the Lord to receive direction as many thoughts were on my heart to present as prayer issues. l asked the Lord, “Help me pray according to your will for this new year”. He directed me to go to the first book of the bible,Continue reading “7 P’s Of First Things.”